Also 1/2/12

had a few more minutes so I figured I would use them!
we are living with a member right now. he is awesome, nicest guy ever. I did not think that I would be living in a really nice house. haha. so that has been really good. my area is in aurora CO, we cover both a family ward and a singles ward. its preatty much like any suburban town, some great people here! we have had dinner with a family every night so far wich has been really nice. Last night we had dinner with a family that had 8 kids. my companion reminded me of some of the elders we had over for dinner back in the day. kind of overwhelmed. haha. but I felt right at home. 🙂
 it has been pretty dang cold. I think 19 degrees when we got up this morning and there is still some snow from a storm a few weeks ago. we have a car which is nice, but we only can drive a set number of miles a week, so it has been fun to go walk around on the icy roads 🙂 better than bikes… actually there are some elders in our district who’s bikes got stolen this week, so I feel really lucky. haha
Fun fact… there is a city in our mission that is the highest elevation of any city in america. its called Leadville. I was pretty excited to hear that because there is one of the gnarliest 100 mile trail races there every year. there is actually a guy in our ward that ran it this past year. definitely on my to do list in a couple years.
anyway, got to go do some service. life is good. hope all is well. talk to you next week!
Elder faulkner
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