January 9, 2012

Hey! thats awesome news! I always loved the pinewood derby! is dad or kevin helping scott out? sounds like kevin is keeping busy, thats exciting, has he set any new personal records yet?? and thats so exciting for the girls! cant wait to see what they have done when I get back in a few years… whats the studio they are recording at??
Denver is going really well! and yeah! I met Dave Calvert at the Temple on wednesday. he works there and was checking recommends and asked me if I knew nanu! haha small world. was pretty exciting to meet family here in Denver. also, I was looking at the ward list for the singles ward we serve in and saw that addison montgomery is in my ward. I have not seen her yet because we are bouncing between the singles and family wards on sunday, but once again, small world, the montgomerys must live near my area.
I have not heard any more about my visa, but if grandma sent in my application last week I should get it in the next few weeks I am guessing. It will be sad to have to leave this place though. the ward I am in is really awesome. some of the nicest and most missionary minded people I have ever met. also, we have been having a lot of great experiences and it will be sad to not get to see how some of our investigators progress when I leave, but I am so grateful to be here and will be working my hardest to contribute to the work here before I have to leave.
Ma, I wanted to ask you.. we have been teaching a 13 year old girl and she is really close to being baptized, she has a really good friend who is a member of the church and her story reminds me a lot of yours when you were baptized… any advice for what we could do for her, to help her to know she is doing this for her and not just for her friend… Idk if that made sense, but just wondering if you had any advice!
We have been keeping really busy, we have been teaching a part member family. We actually just went over there to visit the less active man, but found out she and her two sons were really interested in the gospel. They are progressing so well, ask great questions, and are really excited about everything we have been teaching them. I cant imagine people being more prepared to be taught the gospel. we are going to invite them to be baptized this week and I feel really good about everything that has happened. Lord has definitely been guiding us.
There are a ton of other people I could write about… but basically we have been really busy. we have only tracted about an hour  since I have gotten here, and when we did we met two people who wanted us to come back and teach them. we also have another appointment tonight with another part member family who want to be baptized so we are going to try and set a date with them tonight.
I love you guys, I hope all is well. how is the house sale going? hows the ward back home? anything else noteworthy?
I could be in australia by next week. who knows, but Ill be workin hard and praying for all of you.
Love Elder Faulkner
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One Response to January 9, 2012

  1. Cynthia says:

    I have a letter for Elder Faulkner, just not sure where to send it. if I could get a current address location that would be wonderful!
    I am so glad to hear Ryan is doing well, sure do miss him

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