Merry Christmas Dec. 25, 2011

so we got a fun surprise this morning when they told us we could e-mail our families! I hope you are all having an amazing christmas! if you have not already go throught luke 2 like we always used to.
Fun Story… last night for christmas eve there was a christmas program and I was asked to play the role of joseph. My companion was in a meeting with one of the mtc presidency yesterday and while I was waiting in the  hallway I got to talking to president Nally and His Wife (1st counselor in mtc presidency) and  and I found out they were mission presidents in sydney a few years ago. it was fun to hear about the city and got me really excited to get there! a few minutes later after they had went to their office they came back and asked if I would like to play joseph. to make a long story short…. despite very little preparation and my non existant experience with “performing” in front of thousands of people it went really well. it was humbling and a great blessing to see the christmas story from the eyes of that humble and faithful carpenter who helped to raise the Savoir of mankind. I will have to tell you more about that another time!
This morning we had a sacrament meeting with Elder Bednar. That may be one of the most important messages I have heard in my life. I will tell you more about it in my next letter.
I just want to express to you how much I love you all. truly and sincerely. I pray that the spirit in our home is as great as that we have had here at the mtc. I know that unto us was born a savior, even christ the lord. he is the son of God. he suffered for our sins that we may be made clean, he rose again that we might also overcome death, and provided a way that we may be heirs to the kingdom of our Father. He lives, he stands at the head of this church, nothing can detract from this truth. I love you so dearly. maybe more than I have ever known before. This message which I bear is the greatest gift that I could give you. I know it is true, and is the good tidings of great joy that the angels proclaimed in John.
Have a merry christmas, thank you for all that you have given me. I could not be who I am today, and know what I know without you, my parents who gave it to me when I was young. I am going to bring the world this truth, and build His kingdom.
God bless us, everyone
With Love, Elder Ryan faulkner
P.S. no one answered the phone when I called the other day. but my visa did not go through yet. I have been reassigned temporarily to Denver Colorado South mission. The second best mission in the world. 😉 I will be leaving the mtc tommorrowat 5am my flight is at 8 30. I get there at 10 30ish. if I get a chance I can call you in the airport so it would be great if someone would answer the home phone! I forgot moms cell #. anyway. I love you. God bless you. Merry Christmas! hope to talk to you soon.
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