The First Week 1/2/12

Hey everyone!
so this first week in the field has been such a blessing, Elder campbell and I have had some really amazing experiences this week and have some high hopes for the progress in the next few weeks. quick rundown. we set a date a few days ago for one of our investigators to be baptized! We are also teaching a 13 year old girl who also said she wants to get baptized this week! have not set a date for that yet though. we have a few other investigators including 2 we found this week that we had really great meetings with. The spirit has really been guiding us and preparing those we teach and find. We have a few other investigators that are progressing and I have seen their great desire to come unto christ.
There were so many people that we got to teach this week, both less active members and investigators, and there have been moments when you can look into their eyers and truly witness the love god has from them, to see the message of the gospel touch their hearts and change their lives. I am so humbled and happy to take part in bringing these good tidings of great joy to the people here.
one cool experience we had the other day: we saw this guy on the side of the road with a flat tire so we stopped to give him a hand… we just talked to him a bit, but we ound out he was from ethiopia, and he was actually going to a new years eve church service at an ethiopian christian church. he was a really nice guy, but he told us that that morning he was praying really hard and he said we were like angels and answered his prayer. He did not say what he was praying about, but he asked us to call him so he could join us at one of our services. Was really awesome, we did not even bring up the suject of religion but he somehow saw in us an answer to his prayer. Awesome. makes me want to be more dilligent in honoring this calling so we can find thoser people seeking for the truth.
Anyway, I wish I had more time to share some more experiences, but the work is going forward in aurora Colorado. ill put my adress here below, could you update that on the blog???
alsso, could you ask grandma if that FBI clearance has come yet?
I love you all, I hope all is well! let me know if anything exciting or noteworthy is happening in any of your lives!
Elder Faulkner
21708 E mansfield Pl.
aurora, CO 80018
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