Feb 12, 2012

Hello Everyone!
It was a great week for me. two of the reccent converts that my companion baptized went home this week. one to china, another to thailand. I had grown to be good friends wiith them since I have been here, they did so much in helping us and inviting their friends to learn the good tidings of the gospel! so it was sad to see them leave. we did have a chance to give them each a blessing of comfort before they left. ws such a sweet blessing to see and feel of Gods love for them. to witness how God has prepared them to go and share thw gospel with their friends and family on china and thailand. I do not know what all they will do to help build gods kingdom in the future, but it was such a blessing to help to teach themwhile they were here and see those blessings in their lives.
All is well here, there are many cocroaches in our flat, most of our kitchen is falling apart, the rain has been pouring almost every day ( which is sad because chinese people are afraid of the rain. haha) there is constant oposition, but the Lord is with us. I am amazed that each hour of the day I am given some divine guidance through the Holy ghost and have seen some miracle come from obedience to that inspiration/revelation. seeing so much good. Alma 37:6-7 is very true. read and ponder it and think what you can do in your life to bring about Gods purposes.
I pray all is well! let me know what good is happening in every ones lives! hows kevin and haley and heather and scott and jacob and austin and logan?? tell them I love them all.
Peace be with you.
God bless,
Elder Faulkner
*******PS mom,,,, kinda urgent. I need some more contacts, I have some left but it would be fantastic if you could send me some more 🙂
 my address is
Elder Ryan Faulkner
Australia Sydney Mission
P.O. box 2723
Carlingford Court, NSW 2118
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One Response to Feb 12, 2012

  1. foardo says:

    That PS is cracking me up

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