Feb 6, 2012 Miracles!

Hello Mother and All!
This week has been really amazing! I think I told you beofer that one of the biggest struggles here is people working on sunday. We have been praying and fasting so much the past few weeks and found out yesterday that two of our investigators made arrangements to have work off! Right now we have 8 people with a date to be baptized in the next two months! We are seeing so many miracles in this work. This city is such a wonderful place. you have to be careful of a few crazy homeless people, haha. still not sure if it is wise to share those stories, but the lord has put in our path so many which are prepared to hear the message of the restored gospel. there has not been a day that goes by without witnessing an experience, meeting a person, or some other divine direction that I could identify as a direct gift from my father in heaven.
I wish I could share every story, but one of my favorites from the week was a disscussion we had with one of our investigators over dinner. Elder rammell and I have set a goal to use everything we do to help fulfil our purpose (invite others to come unto christ) we identified that the only things we do that do not contribute to our purpose are eating meals and exercising… (still not sure how we can change exercising to help fulfil our purpose), but we decided that we could make a goal to have more meals with investigators and reccent converts. so one day we went to dinner with one of our most solid investigators named Trang (she is going to be baptized at the end of the month) and when we walked in to the vietnamese restaurant we saw another one of our investigators named Draco. Now draco does not look exactly like someone who would be interested in the gospel, but he is really amazing. We got to talking with him and he told us about some other christians he was talking to earlier. He is excited to now call himself a christian (he will be baptized next month) and wanted to be friendly to them. they started talking bad about joseph smith and our church but he told us about how he stood up to them and bore his testimony and defended his faith in jesus christ and our religion. I was so humbled to hear that someone I was teaching had become so converted that nothing could shake his faith, you can see the spirit in his eyes when we teach him and I am so excited to see how baptism and confirmation will bless his life further, so he can have that spirit always.
I love this work. it is absolutey exhausting. To do it properly you need to give all of your emotional, spiritual, and even physical strength each day. It is almost like having a final exam week every week. We cannot slack off when we have been given so much responsibility to teach so many of Gods choice sons and daughters. I crash every night when I go to bed, but I can feel the Lord sustaining me, and he has blessed me with the Faith to keep me from any desire of letting up on my efforts. There is still so much I need to learn, the work here is so different from anything that I expected, but I love it.
I read a poem this week called “the fellowship of the unashamed” which I have adopted as the kind of person I wish to become in this life. I feel far from it, but have so much confidence that if I give the Lord all I am, that he will make me the missionary I need to become (mom, could you find that poem and put it up on the Blog?)
I love you all, how is everythin back home? I heard the china visas went through!! where all are you going? I know a lot of people from china now! haha.
I will try and do better with taking pictures to show you 🙂 there was a lot of rain this week though, so nothing too exciting!
Take care, Read Proverbs 3:1-7 and then do it. therin lies happiness and peace.
Elder Faulkner
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