January 22, 2012

I hope all is well back home! It is good to be here down under! sister simmons says you got some pictures we sent! hope you

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could put those up on the blog!
the plane ride from denver went well. I talked to this guy from taiwan for almost three hours about the gospel, he was a really nice guy and very interested, he actually asked me how he could learn more so I gave hime a pass along card and helped him out with finding missionaries when he gets home. pretty amazing, I love plane rides as a missionary. getting to sydney was aa different story. I slept almost the entire time! I had planned to write a lot of letters and in my journal and to study but I had almost no time! haha. when I got in, we were a little early and no one was there to pick me up! haha, after wandering around the airport a while I spotted president simmons. President and sister simmons are really awesome. some of the nicest people I have ever met. I am glad to be working under his leadership! It is really hot and humid here, a big change from the snow we had in denver the day before I left! I will have to take more pictures but it is a very tropical place with some wonderful wildlife. I will tell you more later!
I am lucky enough to be serving in the city. it is a really unique area. the church actually owns a couple floors in a building where we have the chapel, but also, one floor is called the teaching center. there are 12 missonaries in my zone/district and we all proselyte in the same geographical area. instead of teaching in people’s flats, they come to the teaching center and we teach in classrooms.
Chad will be excited to hear that I am teaching a lot of chinese people, also many people from japan, thailand, taiwan, vietnam, and peru…. no australians. haha.
we teach english twice a week and since we cover a singles branch we also have home evening on monday nights. I had absolutely no idea I would be doing anything like this on my mission. I am afraid that even after being here just a few days that I am speaking in very broken english. nevertheless, I am loving it. it is an adjustment to be teaching people that do not speak very good english and who have almost no concept of God or Christ, but I am amazed at the humility and preparedness of the asian people. we got to take two of our investigators to a baptism on saturday and they are both excited to be baptized (once they can get a new work schedule and get sundays off)
this place is really amazing, since we teach at the teaching center, and most of the branch members are single, reccent converts, it is really easy to get members present in our lessons to fellowship investigators, last week we had 100 percent member present lessons…. with 12 missionaries working with some of the most humble people i have met along with strong fellowship from the ward, this area is like a baptizing machine with a very high retention rate. My president says that it can just go down from here, other areas in the mission are really hard, the australian people are not very religious and dont really like americans apparently, so I feel very blessed to get to serve here for my first area, I will really need to learn how to adjust my teaching, but I will be working as hard as I can to make the most of my time here in the city.
here are a few photos to put up on the blog.
I love you guys, whats new in america and at home?
Love Elder Faulkner
ps, mail is best sent to the mission office, could you make sure the right address is on the blog and other addresses taken off? sounds like it takes about 10 days for mail to get here and it costs 98 cents to get mail here (either an international stamp you get at post office, or two or there stamps I think also works)
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