March 11, 2012 Another Great Week

Hello mother! (and family and friends)
so mom, you are in china this week right?? how is that going?? any cool photos? highlights? how was meeting haley? hows the house sale? where are you moving? how are the kids? etc. haha
this week has been really solid. Beli Samuel Perez Alvarado (from peru) was baptized and confirmed yesterday. Was once again one of the biggest miracles I have seen in my life, to be voice in administering the gift of the holy ghost to someone I have helped to receive the restored gospel. Also humbled to talk to one of my investigators who attended the service, who told meafter that she was overwhelmed by the spirit that was present as we performed that ordinance of confirmation. The Lord is certainly directing our work here down under. we have another baptism this weekend. and then next week is transfers. also making a big effort to find more people to teach because many of our other investigators are struggling with coming to church because of work and uni (thats what they call college/university here) doing our best to invite everyone we meet to learn about god and Jesus Christ.
we also had a zone conference which was a really cool opportunity to be trained by the assistants to the President and president and sister simmons as well as share experiences with missionaries from several other zones. president simmons is one of the greatest men I have ever known, I have so much considence that his leadership is inspired, and sister simmons is honestly one of the kindest and sincere people on the earth, I am so glad to have them as my leaders in this work.
I finished the entire missionary reference library this week (jesus the christ, our herritage, and our search for happiness) thinking about starting on the old testament (I read the book of mormon at least 20 mins everyday) one of the greatest personal blessings of missionary work is having several hours to study the gospel each morning (and it is never enough) I really wish I had read more before my mission, but I am glad to be uplifter and fed each day as I read the inspired words of both ancient and modern prophets. along with prayer and service, there is not much that can help you come closer to Christ than reading the words of his servants the prophets (amos 3:7)
anyway, I love you guys. hows kevin in track and scouting going? havent heard any updates in a while? dad says haley and heather are still churning out more music! cant wait to hear more when I get home. scott! hows scouts and sports going? still making cartoons and other artwork? how about jacob and austin. miss those guys, how is school and everything going, what do they think about the move? Logan! how ahs he changed since I have left? send me a picture of the family if you have a chance, I wish I had thought to bring one when I came out here.
Love you all so much. godbless you.
Elder Faulkner
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