March 27, 2012 Another great week

Hey family and everyone!
My week has been really insane. last monday were transfers and I was still with elder chen. however, on wednesday we got a call from president simmons saying that they got a new elder they were not expecting and that elder chen will be training him in the city, so I was moving to a suburb called summer hill. needless to say, I was pretty devestated to have to leave my first area without a chance to wrap things up and say goodbye (it was two hours from when I got that call until when the APs came to pick me up) but when I got to summer hill with elder robinson and elder wong and got to work, I began to get really excited for the new area and the chance to serve in a normal family ward. we saw some huge miracles last week, one big one was when we were out street contacting at the university of sydney in our area, I met this girl who had met a missionary one year ago. he taught her how to pray but she was too busy to ever hear the lessons. the amazing thing is that she has been praying every day and just a few days before I met her she quit her job and now has tons of time to learn. we had a great lesson with her, she went to church, already has great fellowship at church and we will teach her again tonight. so… I was really happy to now be here. the crazy thing is, on saturday night, I got another call from president. there was another missionary who had been waiting on a visa that just got it. he told me that I would be training the new missionary as well as opeining a new area in a place called Dubbo. (the most country, remote, bogen area in the mission) which has not had missionaries for a year. I could not believe it. thats 3 emergency tranfers for me in 3 weeks. this will be my 5th area and my 10th companion within the first 4 months in the mission, going from the most populated, busy area in the mission, to the most remote in the mission (5 hours away from any other missionary companionship) I met my new companion, elder welch yesterday, he is from saipan? small island next to guam. we will be sticking around in summer hill for the rest of this week and moving to dubbo next tuesday. not sure what the Lord has planned for us, but I feel very blessed to see such diversity so early on in my mission. It is very difficult to leave people behind (there are about 10 people in my last 2 areas that will be baptized, as well as many others I have worked with, met, and taught that I really grew to love) but He is teaching me faith and confidence. I dont know what lies ahead, but I am sure there is a reason and order behind all this maddness.
One great thing though was that I got to go to the temple yesterday, it has been a while, and will likely be some time before I can go again. But I felt very blessed to be able to go and partake of the spirit there.
Love Elder Faulkner
mom- I am glad the trip went well! Id love to see some photos when you have a chance. amazing that you got to see the latimers as well! sounds like a lot of work getting everything ready to move. I will remember you in my prayers as always. do you have a place in mind in nashville yet? how are the kids handling everything? especially moving mid year?
love you, the gospel is true. I love this work.
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