April 9, 2012 Happy Easter

He mom and family!
I am glad to hear that you all had a good easter! ours was interesting! haha. glas also to hear the move is coming along. it will be strange to not be returning to oakton after my mission. a lot of memories in that house. hopefully you all can make a fw more good memories there in the next few weeks before leaving. I know that the Lord loves and blesses our family, so I know all will work out for the best.
do you have a house bought in nashville yet? nashville stillt he plan? everything going to be smooth with the kids moving during school and everything? I am excited to hear how it all progresses.
It has certainly been a big change coming up here to Dubbo. training, district leader, whitewashing, opening a new area, and…. I had never taught an australian before!. haha. Dubbo is a small, kinda country town, about half aussie, half aborigional. most of whom enjoy breaking all the commandments. Those who are interested in religion are either already catholic or have been proselyted to the baptist or jehovahs witness denominations. It has been really interesting, I have seen more negativity tword christianity and the church in the last week than probably my whole life, but through it all we have found about 20 potential investigators in just a few days and have several appointments for this week to teach people about the restored gospel. the work is a lot different from what I was used to in sydney, but somehow elder welch and I have managed to make something out of nothing in just a few days. one challenge is the branch. there are only about 15 active members (half of which is one family) they are all really great, kind people out here, but just not that many active members.
I am really happy to be serving here, I am already developing a great love for the members here.
the area is huge as well. some members live 4 hours away from dubbo. we have made it a goal to meet everyone in the branch, but hopefully that will be possible with our limited mileage allowance.
driving on the left side was pretty hard to get used to, but now is second nature, in fact, I can hardly imagine driving on the right side now, so that will be an adjustment when I return home. haha.
anyway, we are loving it. the lord has definitely been preparing this area and the people in it. we have a vision for the progess of the branch and have faith and hope that we can invite others to come unto christ through faith, repentance and baptism.
After just four months on the mission, I cannot imagine anything that would surprise, intimidate, or discourage me. Not sure why I was so lucky to have seen such diversity and experience in such short a time. But I am excited to see what the future holds. I love this work.
we are excited for next week, Elder Pearson of the seventy is coming, so we will make the long drive back to the suburbs for zone conference and a special training. also, we will get to see General conference this week at church ( we see it a week late in australia because of the time difference)
Thank you so much for the encouragement and your prayers. Know that we are being protected and guided out here  in the lonely town of dubbo.
more next week
Love you all,
Elder Faulkner
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