April 16, 2012 Miracles this week

Mom and everyone!
wow, it has been an incredible week. we saw a few kangaroos! learning how to throw a boomarang, and enjoying australia’s greatest contribution to the world: Tim Tam Slams. (look it up). haha, but those are not what made the week great. I have been amazed at what the Lord has done for us this week. last week we had one lesson, one investigator, and 3 less active member lessons…. this week…. 18 lessons, 10 new investigators, and 4 less active member lessons. I am truly amazed. and we still have found heaps of other potential investigators that we still need to follow up with. quite honestly, I cannot see why Dubbo could not become the most productive area in the mission if we keep working hard and following the spirit to those who are prepared. we even had to schedule 3 lessons today on our P-day because we are so busy this week! wow. anyway, I wish I could account for every miracle that we saw this week, but just know that every single thing we have done, was really not us at all.we were just led to be at the right place at the right time and have tried our best to know through the spirit what to do and say. and it is all working out. Humbling to say the least. hoping to have more good news next week!
Love you all so much. let me know whats happening with everyone back home! havent heard from you in a while! you are always in my prayers
with all my love,
Elder Faulkner
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