April 23, 2012 Zone Conference, Finding, Teaching

Hey family and friends!
IT was really a great week. we missed about 3 days of missionary work because we had zone conference down in sydney. so… since it is a 6 hour drive, we had to travel down the day before and stay with the Zone leaders and come back the following day. It was worth it though. Elder pearson of the seventy came and gave one of the most motivational trainings I could imagine. really working on our dilligence, vision and faith. we have set some huge goals in the mission, its going to take everyone working harder than we ever had, but we are excited for the miracles we will see. my mission president is finishing his mission at the end of june. really sad to see him go, he and his wife are amazing, but there is a new energy in the mission this quarter, we are going to see a lot of miracles. Really learning how to lose myself in the work, more out of necessity than anything. there is so much to do!
Dubbo is doing our part! despite missing half the week we still managed to find 6 more investigators, commit someone to be baptized and teach 9 lessons. I am loving it here. the “dead area” haha. we are as busy as I ever was in the city. one cool thing is we have about 6 african investigators, the rest are aborigional and aussie, and even 2 chinese! was not expecting such diversity out here in the country.
it has been fun working in such a small branch as well. on sunday we blessed and passed the sacrament, gave both talks in sacrament meeting, and taught gospel doctrine class. haha. really fun taking such a large role in administering the church out here.
anyway. we have a few lessons scheduled today on our P-day. so I gotta run. But I love you all!
hows it going with the house hunt and the move? hows the family doing? hows kevin in track? what is everyone up to?? it has been a while since I got an update.
also, could you send me some family photos? i dont have any. haha.
I love you all, you are always in my prayers. We will be setting 2-5 baptismal dates this week. pray that the spirit will be with us!
Elder Faulkner
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