May 13, 2012 Long time no email!

Hey Everyone!
I just got to talk to the family on the phone this morning for mothers day! but I am excited to write to everyone else about my week. we have been really busy, seeing a lot of miracles. I am a little bummed out because we had been making a ton of progress with this one family and even set a date for baptism, but in just a few weeks they will be moving away from Dubbo, and the town they are moving to currently does not have any missionaries in it.. It is really hard to care a lot for people and see them progress and see them move away (or to be moved away through transfers) but I have a lot of faith that the Lord will find a way to bless them, and we are happy that we have a few more weeks to teach them.
The first few weeks we were here… everyone was a “new investigator”, but we now have been here about 6 weeks and have been working regularly with many people. It is often very exciting to find new investigators, to be in a new area, to meet new people, But it brings so much more joy to develop friendships with people you serve, and to encourage their progress in the gospel by visiting them regularly. there is always the fear of transfers in the future and the hurt of leaving these relationships behind, but I find a lot of wisdom and hope in the counsel of Brigham young to the saints in Navoo, during the construction of the temple and the city, many had forseen the expulsion of the saints in the near future. many sugessted that the temple work be brought to a lower standard. surely many remembered the hard work and sacrifice that was put into the kirtland temple that had to be abandoned soon after its completion. But Brigham taught that  it must be the best for the Lord. He taught them to Build it like they were going to stay.
I certainly do not know how long I will be here in Dubbo, but its my determination to work my absolute hardest while I am here, and to build the work here as if I were staying here the rest of my mission
I love the Lord. I love this work.
Elder Faulkner
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