May 21, 2012 This week in Dubbo

Hey Family!
This has been a pretty crazy week. Had a lot of Ups and a few downs, but all is well. I apent a few days pretty sick, up all night vomitting, but I am happy to report that I just had my first meal in about 48 hours and all is well. haha. apparently there are a lot of missionaries that have been getting the flu this past week. so I hope you all are enjoying spring and summer in the northern hemishphere because winter is fast approaching here in Australia!
This week was pretty interesting, at the beginiing of the week we met one guy who has taken it as his personal responsibility in life to convince all mormon missionaries of the falsehood of the Book of mormon. to spare you the details of the discussion, it was not overwhelmingly “sucessful”. But I was greatful for it. I have rarely felt such power and guiding influence of the spirit in my words then during this lesson. It did nothing but deepen my testimony of the savior, the book of mormon and the validity of my calling and the promise that we will not be confounded before men.( Doctrine and Covenents 100 verse 5)
We also had another interesting lesson with a minister of another Faith. I cannot quite remember all the details of the lesson, but we did schedule a return appointment, and he has commited to read and pray about the book of mormon.
It is hard to share all the sucesses that we have seen this week, but among them were finding 5 part member families that are not on our records. each of these families have children who have not been baptized or grown up in the church but are very interested to learn about the gospel. It is quite amazing to me how the Lord directs the work. These miracles were not just coincidence. I am thorougly convinced that as we have been working diligently, and seeking to follow the promptings of the holy ghost, the lord has… in his time… led us to those who are prepared and are in desparate need of the gospel in their lives.
We are becoming quite overwhelmed by the number of people there are to work with in this area… I do not know how it has happened, but we have about 35 investigators and over 50 potential investigators, as well as several less active members that we visit. It is quite honestly more than I can handle to just plan how to visit and follow up with all these people, not to mention set goals and make plans for how to best aid them in their spiritual progression. These people are each unique, they have separate and unique challenges, concerns, needs and desires. They are each special and loved by our father in heaven. some how, he has gien us, two young men (who have, for most of our lives, been responsible for almost nothing), the stewardship of responsibility in ministering and presiding over the growth and development of this small, yet promising branch of Zion. I knew that we would see miracles when coming out to this “dead area” of the mission, but I am realizing now that the Lords vision of what we can accomplish will always be greater than ours, and I will need to grow and stretch forther to fulfil that vision. I love these people. I cannot believe the transfer is half way over. I really hope I have more than just 3 more weeks to serve here. Please pray for the people here. so many are making great imporvements, but we are very focused to help them make the next step… the covenant of baptisim.
Like I said, it is more than I can handle, but we will do our best to be faithful and obedient and trust that God will continue to strengthen us as missionaries so we will have the necessary skills and wisdom to best bless the people here in Dubbo.
I love you all. I love my calling, I love the Lord.
Elder Faulkner
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