Very Eventful Week June 4, 2012

Hi Everyone!

wow, this has been a very eventful week. We have been doing a lot of work, we added 5 really awesome new investigators and are seeing a lot of progress with others that we are teaching. we have 4 baptisms planned for this next month! Transfers are one week from today. I suppose you never REALLY know what is going to happen, but from talking with president simmons and some of my other missionary leaders it sounds like I will get to have at least another 6 weeks here! 🙂 but I will know for sure next week.
This week has been very eventful in many ways. I think I have told you that since we are so remote, we are not able to attend the weekly district/zone meetings other missionaries go to. in fact, before this week it had been over a month since we saw any other missionaries. But this wednesday our zone leaders traveled up for a “trade-off”. since we had a day with 4 missionaries working in our area we were able to be twice as productive and we saw a lot of miracles. But most of all it was great to learn and serve from our leaders for a few days. They have begun to joke by calling Dubbo the “promised land” in our zone because we have been so fortunate in finding a lot of people that are very prepared to learn about the gospel. The crazy thing is that a few days later President simmons (mission president) called us and told us that he would be coming to attend sacrament meeting at Dubbo branch on sunday morning. Since it is so far, he planned on staying at our branch president’s hotel in Gilgandra (hour north of Dubbo) saturday night. He also decided to bring us and his two assistants up with him. It was really cool to have another trade-off with the assistants and to get to spend a few days with president simmons before he finishes his service at the end of this month. It was a very unique experience and I am very grateful for what I have learned and the inspiration I have received that will help me to be not only a better missionary, but a better disciple if Jesus Christ.
The work is taking off here, I cannot believe that in two days I will have been on my mission for 6 months. The time goes by too fast. I will be working as hard as I can these next 18 months so that none of that short and precious time will be wasted, but it will be consecrated to the Lord. I love this calling. I am greatful for my missionary leaders and the opportunities for service that are ahead of me!
I love you all!
Elder Faulkner
Australia Sydney Mission
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