June 25, 2012 Zone Conference and Baptisms

Hello family!
I am afraid I will need to be brief this week because I do not have much time. but this has been a great week! last week we spent several days out of Dubbo in Sydney for zone conference. since we live so far away this was quite an event! we left sunday after church and arrived at our zone leaders flat in the late evening. we got to spend preparation day with our zone playing volleyball and having a barbeque. it was great to meet everyone! I think we are the only area in the mission that does not regularly meet with their district or zone, so it was a great opportunity to spend time with other missionaries. Tuesday was a great day. This was our final zone conference with President and sister simmons. They finish their service on saturday. I will miss them dearly. they are wonderful people, I hope sometime in the future you will meet them, they are a wonderful example of service, love, selflessness, and devotion to the savior…. After zone conference, I got to go to the temple. Hard to express how wonderful it was to return to that house of worship and instruction after months. I hope all of you that are nearby a temple will attend regularly, it is a haven, spirituall lifting, cleansing opportunity to be a guest in the Lords house. I wish I could go every week, or even every month.
anyway, wednesday we got to go on a missionary exchange with our zone leaders in ther area. always a great opportunity to work with the missionary leaders.
although we spent so long away, we were still able to do alot of good work the rest of the week.
I wish I had time to give more details, but we will be having two baptismal services this week! we also have another scheduled next month, and will be scheduling several more in the near future. there is 4 weeks left in this transfer cycle, and if all goes well, we could be seeing 5-10 baptisms.
I love this work.
Elder Faulkner
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