July 29, 2012 Paradise!

Here is Ryan’s email from this past week. Guess he didn’t have time to write a general email this week. Enjoy!

Hey mate,
man, its awesome in my new area. the ward is a bit stale tword missionary work at the moment, so we have a lot of work to do. But really great people! 90% tongan. really excited to be here. we actually went on a run to the beach the other day, man. it is beautiful, but then I broke my toe the next day while hauling a bunch of boulders (helped a guy out while tracting) so we might not get to run for a few days. haha.
But my new copmanion is awesome, he was actually my district leader when I was in the city, he has been out 17 months. from melbourne, half philipino. we will get along really well. same sense of humor, same desire to concecrate and work hard. really looking forward to the next few transfers here.
Idk how the zone leader responsibilities differ from mission to mission. but of course we take all the key indicators from the district leaders, attend zone council (today actually) once a month, attend stake missionary correlation meetings, trade off with each companionship every month, give zone training meetings for each district each month,  etc. I have only been here a week though so I am not 100% sure. Just really excited to be serving missionaries. pretty much doubles the ammount of things on my mind which is such a blessing, it is a lot easier to keep your mind single to god and serve him with all your mind when you are in a leadership position. do you have any advice you could share from your experience as a zone leader?
honsetly I feel like I am learning missionary work all over again. this is my first normal ward, the city ysa branch and dubbo branches were both pretty unique assignments, so I am grateful elder McCormack is such a great missionary, its a real blessing to be serving with him, I will learn a lot from him. Also another whole new culture! I have gotten everything on my mission! asian, aborigional, african, south american, aussie, and now polynesian. its a blast. I think I can say hello/thank you/goodbye in like 15 languages.
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