August 5, 2012 Great Week!

HEllo everyone!
wow, this has been a great week! I feel like I am really getting to know this new zone and ward now that I have been here a few weeks. it is always a struggle going to a new area and simply not knowing anyone, but I am begining to feel much more established! The area seems to be struggling a bit, when I got here there seemed to be alot going on, but in the past few weeks all of our progressing investigators moved out of the area or are having new concerns. So we are in a great position! I love the task of building up an area/ward. I feel that some of the lessons the Lord provided for me in building up my last area have prepared me alot for what needs to happen here in DeeWhy. We have found some great people through tracting last week so we are going to see miracles this week!
My companion was actually really sick this past week. so we spent a few days in our flat. it was really a bummer to not be out working, but it provided some geat reflection time for meditation and revelation. I love this new assignment. being a zone leader brings on a whole new set of challenges, and to be in an area that needs improvement is such a huge blessing and opportunity to rely on the Lord. Geting to serve the missionaries in my zone is wonderful. there is great diversity here in the harbor beaches zone. there is a mandarin ward, a few areas that work on a university campus, and also a lot of polynesian areas and also a senior couple I am going to learn so much in this position I have been called to.
there is a cool miracle we saw this week. so there is a member in our ward that lives in a nursing home. he has been struggling with guilt from prior transgressions. on sunday morning our bishop went to visit him. he could not find him in his room so he went to the common area and spotted him sitting at a table. when he pulled up a chair opposite him he noticed that his head was bowed and his eyes closed. he was praying. when he opened his eyes he was shocked to see bishop sitting across him. he said that very moment he was praying to know if he was worthy to partake of the sacrament, asking for god to send him an answer. our bishop was that very answer, the moment he opened his eyes. bishop asked us to bring him the sacrament later, the first time he had partaken of this ordinance in a very long time. it is another confirming witness to me of the great blessing of the sacrament. I have seen many such moments on my mission, and testify of the clensing power of the baptismal covenant which it renews.
What has made these past few weks so special has been the many opportunities to give priesthood blessings. I do not speak of these experiences often, because they are sacred and special. however, it is noteworthy to mention that we have been called upon to exercise these ordinances over 10 times in the past 2weeks. I may not speak of specifics, but I testify that I have heard the voice of the Lord speak through my companion and through myself. I have seen healings, spiritual manifestations, comfort given, and seen the power of godliness manifest. I am humbled by the faith of those who have sought after these blessings, and testify of the reality of the Holy priesthood. I know that God is aware of us, and has blessings toonumerous and toogreat to quantify for those who seek after them.
I love this work, I pray that each of you back at home will find oportunities to share the gospel with those who are not of our faith. all that the message of the restoration claims is a living reality. our friends and family need this truth.
I love you all. please email me with any miracles you see this week. they strengthen me so greatly.
Elder Faulkner
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