September 3, 2012 Survived Transfers

Hey everyone,
It was a great week! I survived transfers so I will be in Dee Why another 6 weeks at least. It has been pretty hectic this past week  being the begining of a new month and new transfer, preparing trainings, going to meetings, doing paper work and setting goals and plans. You are much busier as a zone leader! haha. but it has been great. each week our mission president asks us to share our “core experience with God” so I thought I might share that with you as well!
sunday during sacrament, Elder McCormack and I were asked to participate in a baby blessing. This was a first for me. It was of course a great honor to be asked to participate, and very humbling to be a part of. Especially knowing the plan of salvation, to be able to foresee the trials, struggles, and blessings that will likely come to that little girl during the life ahead of her and to hear the blessing as dictated by the holy ghost given to her, to bless her and equip her for this mortal probation. I have had cause to reflect reccently on these things, why God allows us to endure hardships, to face pain, but hearing that blessing assured me once again of Gods love, it strengthened my faith that he has given us all we need to overcome this world and to return to him. His son. I know these things are true, His love and power was indeed manifest to me in that blessing. What was especially meaningful to me however, was that just 3 weeks ago, Elder McCormack and I laid our hands on Her mothers Head to give her a blessing. She was facing severe complications with the pregnancy, there was a high likelyhood that either the mother or the baby would be lost. I remember the feeling of inadequacy I felt the day before we gave that blessing, I remember how fasting and earnest prayer calmed my fears. I have a testimony of the priesthood. I am a witness of Gods love, mercy and power. I have seen Him work this past month to preserve life, and joy in that young family. The mother and Father will also be getting married very soon and will begin the preparation to return to activity and fellowship in the church, and to be sealed in the temple. I am not sure if they will ever know how profound an influence serving them has had in my life, to witness the redeeming power of the atonement in their lives, and to see the majesty and power of Gods plan and priesthood reflected in the birth of their daughter.

Aside from that, we had so many wonderful miracles. I wish I could share them all. but yesterday, we were out talking to people on the street, it was going quite well but then there was one guy who was really pretty negative, trying to bible bash and prove us wrong and what not, its always a great opportunity to learn patience and humility, after quite a while of peacefully taking his verbal punishment I was sucessful in ending the conversation positively. but needless to say, I was not feeling in great spirits, I was walking to tell my companion I was ready to go when from behind me someone tapped me on the arm and I turned around to see a beautiful chinese girl who said to me something like: ” I am having a bad day, will you get on a bus with me and go to the city, I really feel like I need to talk to you” I was pretty shocked and confused, no one has ever approached me, especially not like this. I was almost terrified that she was trying to hit on me or something. then she burst into tears. wow, I was thinking in my head “what on earth is going on” I told her I couldn’t leave but I got her phone number to give to the sister missionaries. Turns out she is from france, really was having a bad day, was really searching for the gospel and has agreed to meet with missionaries in paris. She is going back to france so I will probably never speak with her again, will have to refer her on to missionaries there, but I am so greatful that through what seemed like a terrible experience talking to a very negative person, I was put in the place where someone could recognize me as a servent of christ, and I had a brief opportunity to testify of Him and the power of the Gospel. I always hope when I talk to people on the street, that it will become a turning point in their life, a begining of their path to salvation, I know that the gospel of Christ offers that chance, and while I may never see the fruit of some of these efforts, I find so much joy in being a part of this work.

I see so many miracles while finding people to teach, but this is one I will remember. haha. It is a lot easier when they come up and talk to you, but it was a pretty wierd day. anyway, I love to see how our heavely Father so often puts us in the right place at the right time to accomplish his work, if we have faith and seek to recognize those opportunities, our lives will be full of blessings.
I love you all,
Elder Faulkner
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