October 28, 2012 Hey!


I am doing very well! Sorry it has been a while since I have written, Have just found myself incredibly busy reccently. in fact, last week we had so many lessons scheduled that we did not have any free time on our preparation day, even to go shopping for food or to clean our car. It has been crazy, we have a short P-day again today because we have a “Zone Leader Council” at the mission office later. But all has been going well! A young man named Laconeous (great book of mormon name) was baptized last week. He is Maori (New Zealand natives) We have been working with him the whole 3 months I have been here and it was great to see him progress to baptism! Also, after transfers a few weeks ago, I have a new companion, he is mexican from california. named Elder Montoya. He is a great missionary, full of faith, He has never been a zone leader before, so it is kind of like “training” in the responsibilities of that calling. It has been going very well! It does seem like my responsibility and accountability has increased, now being the “senior ZL companion” (This is my 6th Area, but actually the first time I have been in the area longer than my companion), so it is a learning experience, but I am definitely feeling the support from everyone’s prayers at home. We have several others we are teaching that are progressing tword baptism, however, I just found out this morning that the Harbour Beaches Zone Leader area will be moving from Harbord Ward to Greenwich Ward in the next few weeks. So, I will update you on that later on, its not very often you know when and where you will be transfered! But it should be an interesting assignment, currently there are two companionships that are serving in that ward, however, they spend all their proselyting time on Macquarie University, so there have not been any missionaries serving in the Ward/Area in years… We will start with no investigators or prior work to follow up on. Sounds quite similar to when I was in Dubbo. I am honestly very excited for another opportunity to open a new area, we will see tons of miracles. Greenwich Chapel is one of the oldest chapels in Australia (I think the first LDS chapel), its completely renovated and has many additions, but there is some great church history there, its the Sydney Harbour Stake Center right now. Sydney was one of the first Stakes created outside of America, Exciting to be serving in such a pioneering place.
One thing that may interest you, my mission president has asked us to focus our studies on a christlike attribute from preach my gospel each week leading up to christmas, last week was faith, this week will be hope. President Howes suggested that we invite our families to follow the same study schedule, next week I will share a few thoughts about hope! here is the study schedule if you would like to join! I will try and do better with the Emails! hopefully this schedule will give me a good topic for each weeks blog post.
Last Week – Faith
29 Oct – 4 Nov – Hope
5 Nov – 11 Nov – Charity and Love
12 Nov – 18 Nov – Virtue
19 Nov – 25 Nov – Knowledge
26 Nov – 2 Dec – Patience
3 Dec – 9 Dec – Humility
10 Dec – 16 Dec – Diligence
17 Dec – 23 Dec – Obedience
Elder Faulkner
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