November 19, 2012

Hey everybody, here is Ryan’s email to me (his brother Chad). He hasn’t been writing many general emails lately, so I will start posting parts of his letter to me which might be of interest to everyone else. Enjoy!


Hey brother!

Happy thanksgiving to you too! I am glad that you will get to experience the long train ride! hopefully you will not get stuck in the snow like me! It will be a bummer to miss thanksgiving here, but to be honest, serving in a primarily tongan ward, every dinner appointment is as filling as thanksgiving dinner! so I wont be missing out too terribly!
I honestly cannot believe I am almost at the year mark, time has gone by too quickly! I am happy to say that what I have experienced in this one year has been more than I ever would have expected or hoped for in my whole mission. I am so excited and happy that I have a whole other year. I dont really want to think about it ending at this point! I really do love my mission. what were some of the goals you set (or could have set) for yourself at your year mark that did (or could have) helped you stay focused and dilligent in your second year?? 
One thing I am excited for is that I have no idea what to expect! looking back on this past year there has been so many surprises! so I am excited to see what the future holds. I want to stay as effective as I have been. you were saying before about how missionaries can get “tired” after a while. I am begining to feel a bit of that. especially after 5 months of being a zone leader with 5 trainees in the zone. it gets pretty exhausting. haha. but I really want to stay focused and effective. any tips?
I dont really know of any year mark traditions here in the sydney mission. what did you have in the NYC north mission? 
I love you brother. miss you heaps.
Elder Faulkner
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