26 November, 2012

Some crazy news I was not expecting, believe it or not, I am emailing you from Australia’s National Library in canberra. Yesterday was transfers, and I was called to be district leader down in Canberra. Also, when president called me He told me he had a special assignment, during transfer meeting he pulled me into the bishops office at the chapel we were at and explained the situation. No real need to go into too much detail, but my new companion is really struggling. He is actually from Sydney, he was called to serve in the phillipines but after a few months there he came home because of some mental illnesses. He wanted to return to the mission field, so his stake president called president Howes and asked if he would take him for a few months until the quorum of the 12 re-assign his mission.. what president basically said to me was that if he knew what he was getting himself into he would not have told his stake president that he could come temporarily to this mission.  So, I am pretty excited, It feels like a big responsibility, my companion is from ——-, convert, had some issues in the past, but has a really big heart, a big desire to change. Unfortunately his companion last transfer was trunky as, and was not the most shining example of obedience, dillegence, organization. So it is a great opportunity to be an example, to train in all phases of the work, actually its a bit harder than training, there are some bad habits to overcome, but what is motivating to me is how President, his two assistants, and sister howes all on seperate occassions yesterday told me how they know It was inspired the decision to put me with elder saaid, I am sure I will learn a lot fromt this. I will need your Prayers.
One fun thing is there is no area book! just a massive stack of teaching records from the last 5 years! haha, no ward list either! My comp has never done planning! No investigators! No potentials! Never been finding! we have a box of book of mormons and a few pamphlets but thats it. I dont know what they did the last 6 weeks! haha. I am really excited, the few members I have met are awesome, I know a few missionaries that have served in this ward a year ago and it is golden, A missionary from my last zone served here for 3 months and saw 12 baptisms.. 2 former APs served here, It is golden! but Just needs to get started again, the missionaries here the past 6 months have not been very serious or organized, so I am expecting miracles! CAnberra is very different from sydney, much slower, but it is the nations capital so apparently there are heaps of americans here that work at the embassy and for the US military. Should be cool! also a lot of polynesians and asian people as well. I am very excited, its also good to get away from the beaches now that summer is here! haha. I have not been a district leader before either! so it will be exciting to get to serve in that role as well!
Thanks a lot for the advice bro. I know what you mean, I feel like my perspective has grown a lot as the months have been going by. I love the work, being in a new area is always good to rejuvinate! crazy that this is my 7th area, and 13th companion in a year, not sure how I have been so lucky but in the first year of my mission I have got to see the city, the outback, the beaches, the capitol city, train, ZL, DL. I love the work my friend, Its been humbling, at times quite discouraging, but I think I am becoming a better person than I was one year ago.
I am going to be better about emailing now that I am not a zone leader,sorry I got pretty slack about that reccently, but thank you so much for your consistency.
I love you brother,
Elder Faulkner
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