December 16, 2012

I have some incredible news!!! so I have been here 3 weeks now, and I cannot relate all the miracles, so Ill share a few key indicators wich will give you some idea of what miracels we have been witnessing! we have added 20 new investigators, we are teaching average of 30 lessons a week, we have set 6 baptism dates, we have received about 10 referals, there are many others progressing tword baptism (at least 10 more). We were also asked to speak in sacrament meeting, Its amazing!! This ward is Amazing! Everyone is super keen to help us in the work, people are bringing there friends to church, miracles are happening everywhere we turn! We have not had any time to go tracting or street contacting. I am totally amazed. I am certainly not doing anything differently or working harder than my last area, its definitely not any result from our abilities as missionaries. its just that the harvest is here, just have to thrust in our sickles with our might.
we also had a mini zone conference last week where our mission president told us some amazing news. currently there are about 200 missionaries serving in our mission, as the result of the change in age requirements for new missionaries, the mission department has informed president howes that in the next 4-6 months, that number will raise to 330 missionaries in our mission. wow! there is definitely more than enough work to do! there is going to be a lot of new trainers! new areas! new leadership. It is a very exciting time to be a missionary.
I am often quite perplexed with my companion, he does not exactly find joy in any of this. :/ He resists anything that even looks like “obedience” I cant tell you how many times I have heard :”I dont care” in the past few weeks. there have been several breakdowns, several calls to president howes asking to be sent home, nothing really phases me anymore, end of the day, he will get in the car and do the work, so in the midst of so much happiness, it is not really having much effect on me 🙂 And there has been some big improvements, the windows of heaven are opening here, we just need to go out and do our best.
Elder Faulkner
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