Survived Transfers January 1, 2013

So Elder Saaid finally got his re-assignment, he’s up in the brisbane mission now. I really learned a lot from serving with Elder Saaid, in many ways he was my favorite companion, and he is definintely ready to return to full time missionary service.
 My new companion is from maryland! haha. I think we are the only two in our mission from the east coast, and we are companions. His name is Elder Tsai, taiwanese background, we’ve been together for a week and it has been great!
Transfers is today and I will be here another 6 weeks! since I spoke to you we have set two more baptism dates, really amazing miracles happening every day. every one is finally getting back from holidays in the next week or two so we will hopefully set a few more dates, I love this area. We are always very busy (they say “flat out” instead of busy in Australia) but life is going pretty good :).
The members are fantastic as always, feeding us everyday, Always very excited to help with missionary work, a lot of people are bringing their friends to church and to learn, and we also have several people preparing to serve mission that are really great, when they come and help us I definintely see how they are more prepared than I was when I came on my mission. The new Youth sunday school program looks great, almost exactly like preach my gospel, I am very excited to be a missionary at this time, and excited to see what the future holds.
Love you,
Elder Faulkner
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