February 25, 2013 Some Big News!

Hey Everyone!
I hope you all are doing well! I’m actually up in sydney at the moment for zone leader council. Its interesting being Canberra zone leader because we have to travel a long distance to come to these meetings! so we stay the night here after zone leader council, and will travel back tommorrow morning.. It was especially exciting because Elder Hamula who is the pacific area president ws here to train us, we’re also looking forward to a zone conference with him later this week where Ill have to speak. haha.
So.. the big news is… maybe you have already seen it on the church news, but there are 58 new missions being created this july, that includes splitting the australia sydney mission into north and south… so, on July 1st I will be in a new mission! not really sure the details at this moment on how the split will happen, but President Howes will be the North mission President and a new mission president was reccently called to preside over the sydney south mission. Crazy!  Ill definitaly update you as I know more details, but at the moment I am really just focusing on learning my new area!! Ill worry about that bridge when we come to it!
Since I have a minute Ill tell you a bit more about my new area. Its called Ginninderra ward, on the north side of canberra (not a very far move) It has Two Large University campuses on it. Australian National Uni and University of Canberra. It has a city center that is not too different from my first area in Downtown Sydney! Just smaller. Also, we cover a small country town called goulburn. I am pretty stoked! I feel like Ill get a chance to use all the skills I have learned so far on my mission, from my experiences in the city and in the country and in a normal ward. Couldn’t get better than this. Also, we have a companionship in our zone that is 3 hours away on the coast. So with trade-offs with them and also travelling to sydney for meetings,, We do a lot of travelling! I could not be happier.
Anyway. I love you guys a lot. one of my investigators in woden will be baptized on saturday! its a huge blessing that I am so close and will be able to attend 🙂
Elder Faulkner
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