April 14, 2013

Hey Everyone!

It has been a great week! I hope everyone enjoyed conference! I Had a great week!
On P-day we spent a few hours at the Lim family’s house tearing up carpet and laying laminate flooring. I have loved on my mission giving service, especially times where I learn some new skill. I pictured myself one day working on my own home! It is good to get these random experiences to prepare for the future! Well worth the sacrifice of some P-day time.
There is a less-active family that we started teaching because their son Teariki just turned 8 and they want him to prepare for baptism. We don’t usually teach 8 year olds, but since he has not been to church much in his life, they asked us to. Such a great family. 4 kids, very smart and friendly and polite, I will probably have more to write about them in the future. But a miracle we saw was at the end of one of the lessons; Brother Matthews offered to give the closing prayer. WE were not surprised until Sister Matthews turned to him and gasped and said “really?” Apparently he has not said a prayer in years! At least not in front of people. It is a miracle to see people make these small changes, especially on their own; one of those times you witness the reality of the spirit in your work.

We did some more service, but elder pito forgot to bring work clothes, and being gardening, there was not much he could do, so I got pretty dirty and sweaty all by myself. Haha. A funny memory.

We started teaching our recent convert Stephanie’s 13 year old daughter Thalia this week. I guess she had had one lesson with missionaries in the past, but the Elders ended up just focusing on Stephanie and Dan. Anyway, she is wonderful! She said our first lesson that she would like to get baptised! She was also happy to say our closing prayer and did great. Whats really cool is how excited Stephanie is to be teaching her. We talked about the Plan of salvation today and both Stephanie and Dan were teaching along side us. I could see before my eyes how the gospel unifies families. We’ll set a date for her baptism soon J I love helping families come closer through learning about the gospel.

Another Huge miracle this week was our new investigator Amy Wyer. She actually requested a missionary visit on mormon.org! But when we came around Monday evening I think she was a bit shocked someone actually came! Anyway, apparently she has always been looking for truth in her life, but has not been able to find it, despite visiting many religious denominations. At our first lesson we found out that one of her three children died as a baby, and no church has been able to give her an answer to where he is that felt right to her, and most did not show much concern or interest in answering her questions. She was touched by the basic truths of the plan of salvation. Two days later we gave her a chapel tour and invited her to the baptism on Saturday which she came to with her 9 year old daughter and 4 year old son. It was wonderful! She is one of those people I think will progress all on their own. What a miracle to be a part of. She texts us several times a day with new questions, I am excited to see her progress in the coming weeks.

Funny story I asked Elder Pito how to say “give me a hug” in French and he Forgot how to say it! Haha. Two years of English has ruined he French! Haha

I so enjoyed conference, I hope you got as much as I got out of it. I am going to review my notes, there was so much and I have not quite organized my thoughts on what I learned yet. But I have two thoughts from it for now… First I learned a new note taking strategy that I have not used before. Beginning with the first session my mind at times wandered to thoughts and memories from my past that have shaped my testimony and built my faith. Knowing that this came from the spirit, and that they were perhaps equally important to record as were the messages being given, I began to write about these memories in another colour ink from my other notes. It will be fun to review my notes and see not only what I learned from the talks, but to see what those talks prompted from my memory, some of which I have not recalled in years. The Holy Ghost is a treasure in how He brings all things to our remembrance, particularly the faith building experiences.
I love you all so much. Let me know how everyone is doing.
Love Elder Faulkner
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