Last Full Week! November 24, 2013

Hey everyone,
This will be just a quick message today! thank you to everyone who wrote to me today, for the comforting and kind words and counsel for my last week on my mission, every one of you are answers to my prayers, I am feeling really excited for this last week after sitting down and reading everything that came through my email this week! I will have so much to share with you all very soon 🙂 My plan is to just treasure every minute of these next 8 days, to “soak it all in” I wont let any chances to share the gospel or encourage or invite or strengthens peoples faith, pass by me this week! I cannot believe I am finally here. I love my mission so much, I don’t think a day will go by in my future that will not in some way be affected by these two years. I will be always grateful for this amazing opportunity to come on a mission, to meet so many people, to have so many experiences, to learn so much. I love you all so dearly.
Elder Ryan Faulkner
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One Response to Last Full Week! November 24, 2013

  1. Ronald Faulkner says:

    Dear Elder Ryan:

    You are so in our thoughts. We have no words of wisdom. Just enjoy every last minute. You have many people at home so excited to be seeing you. We are too, and are looking forward to San Diego.

    We love you, Grandpa and Nanu


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